Choosing Your Lawyer

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edical malpractice law firms come in all sizes and with varying degrees of experience in specific areas. When choosing a medical malpractice attorney, it is very important that the client feels a sense of compatibility. Sharing similar attitudes will ensure a higher trust level.

When meeting with a medical malpractice attorney for the first time don’t only look at their track record, but take a close look at the finer details. What types of cases has this attorney handled in the past and won? What is the communication style of the attorney? Will this attorney invest the time and effort to carry out the research that the case requires?

Culmo Trial Attorneys specializes in high-profile medical malpractice in Miami, and throughout Florida. Our case history includes multimillion dollar cases against hospitals, doctors’, insurance companies, manufacturers and distributors of faulty products. These cases are long, complex, and may take several years to reach a final verdict, which is why we focus on the importance of our clients having a trusting and strong relationship with our firm.

Due to the nature of the cases we take on, our firm accepts only a limited number of cases at a time. Every case that we take on requires extensive research on state and federal regulations, clinical practice guidelines and standards of care, expert analysis, and carefully crafted tactics to be used during trial. We commit to each of our clients 100 percent and communicate frequently. The cases may last a few years, but the relationships we build last a lifetime. We want our clients to feel comfortable knowing that we are available to them long after the case is over.

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