Nursing Malpractice

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ursing care accounts for the majority of the hands-on care a patient receives during a hospital admission. Nurses have the responsibility to oversee, monitor and manage much of the care the patient will receive. Additionally, nurses are often the liaison between the doctor and the patient. Nurses are on the front lines and responsible to ensure that patient safety rules are followed to prevent patients from being needlessly endangered. Nursing safety rule violations commonly involve:

  • Failure to monitor vital signs, be alert for change in condition, and take action to ensure prompt medical intervention when necessary
  • Failure to notify doctor of significant change in condition
  • Failure to follow doctors’ orders
  • Failed attempt to notify a doctor or service and neglect to follow-up or call another doctor
  • Failure to follow the chain of command
  • Failure to administer correct medication and/or dose
  • Failure to give medication
  • Failure to recognize post-surgical bleeding
  • Infusion of improper blood type
  • Failure to diligently monitor for pressure bed sores and to adhere to turning schedule
  • Failure to ensure STAT studies are performed in a timely manner
  • Failure to monitor blood level studies after surgery
  • Improper monitoring of oxygen saturations leading to brain damage or death
  • Improper placement of gastrostomy feeding tube leading to peritonitis, sepsis and/or death

At Culmo Trial Attorneys, we have decades of experience investigating and proving claims of hospital malpractice. If you, a loved one, or someone you know has been injured due to hospital malpractice, please contact our firm or fill out a free case evaluation.


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