Anesthesia Malpractice

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he American Society of Anesthesiologists estimates that approximately 1 in every 250,000 (essentially healthy patients) dies as a result of anesthesia safety rule violations. A 2004 National Practitioner Data Bank report indicated that between 1991 and 2004, there were 8,297 cases in which victims of anesthesia safety rule violations, or the family members that survived them, recovered damages for their medical malpractice claims.

Anesthesia Safety Rule Violations include:

  • Improper administration of oxygen
  • Improper intubation of the airway causing other complications
  • Providing too much or not enough anesthesia medication
  • Not properly monitoring patient’s vital signs during surgery
  • Lung aspiration, causing injury or death, due to improper intubation
  • Failure to adequately monitor blood loss and fluid levels resulting in brain damage, heart failure and potentially death
  • Spinal cord injury due to improper epidural injection

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