Pamela Baris do Nascimento, a Brazilian television model, recently died during a botched liposuction operation at Green Hill Hospital in Sao Paulo, according to Medical Daily. Nascimento suffered from severe blood loss, and her family believes the cause was a perforated kidney, which would indicate that the model died before the operation was complete, and doctors finished the procedure to hide the mistake. Representatives of the hospital, however, say she suffered a fatal liver hemorrhage. Police are investigating the death of the 27-year-old model after it took ten days for the hospital to report her death.

Nascimento underwent surgery on October 19, when she was believed to have died on the operating table, but police state that her death wasn’t recorded at the hospital until October 29. When the hospital did register the death, they claimed that Nascimento suffered from hypovolemic shock, a condition where the heart is unable to pump enough blood to the body because of severe blood loss.

This was the third time Nascimento went under the knife for liposuction. She also previously had a breast enhancement and nose jobs. As a TV host in Brazil who also studied biomedicine, the model was “obsessed with her looks,” as her aunt claims. But Nascimento didn’t tell her aunt about the latest liposuction, which ultimately resulted in her death. Her aunt, Enedida Nascimento, explains that she wouldn’t have let her niece get another liposuction if the model had told her, as it had only been a short time since she’d had treatment for varicose veins.

Dr. Julio Yoshimura, the surgeon who performed the procedure on Nascimento, could face two charges: one for manslaughter and one for procedural fraud, as police were not notified about the death. Furthermore, Dr. Yoshimura also wrote the death certificated, which raises suspicion.

Evandro Lemos, the police chief of the investigation, explains that their goal is to uncover whether Nascimento had died on the table and the surgeons proceeded to hide an unsuccessful attempt to save her. When the model’s aunt when to identify the body, she noted how the staff seemed nervous: “I’m sure there’s something the hospital hasn’t told us, and someone was negligent and Pamela didn’t have to die.”